Video: Think you know ETS?

Electronic Tenant® Solutions does a lot more than you think…

Electronic Tenant® Solutions web-based applications and accompanying services are deployed by nearly half a billion square feet of commercial property. Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ success is based on the proven capacity to meaningfully and tangibly advance a property owner’s most salient goals and initiatives, maximizing the value of established resources (yours, 3rd party and ours), to generate considerable operating efficiencies and cost-effectively cultivate a superior management / tenant experience.

We deliver Applications / Services that address multiple disciplines (operations, communications, risk management, reservations and leasing / marketing) with an added focus on communications. The enhanced concentration on communications delivers a distinct and significant return on investment beyond a singular focus on property operations.

Benefits of the aforementioned value proposition include increased tenant retention, better emergency preparedness, decreased / stabilized liability, improved tenant relations, heightened operational efficiency, expedited leasing, improved positive brand awareness, 24/7 access, eco-friendlier operations and mitigated energy use.

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