Time Saver: Pre-program Building Event Announcements

Is saving time one of your goals for the New Year? Are you unsure where to begin?

With the ETS’ Communications Application, you can pre-program and schedule messages to your tenants, automatically alerting them of upcoming events, or even building closures!

By entering the year’s holidays and building closures into Communications app, you can schedule when notifications go out to all of your tenants. Within minutes, you can enter your property’s schedule for the entire year and never have to worry about it again. Just set it and forget it; ETS will take care of the rest!

The best part? It’s super easy to set up! Check out the videos on how to set up both current and future alerts below!

Authoring, Scheduling & Pre-Programming Instant Alerts

Click image to see video.
Click image to view video.

Authoring, Designing, Scheduling & Pre-Programming Email Notifications

Screenshot 2014-01-22 12.02.38
Click image to view video.

MORE: Step-By-Step: Creating Instant Alerts:

  1. Select the building or groups of buildings where you would like to post the message.
  2. A start date & end date are required for each alert. By default the current date and time will be displayed for both the start and end date of the alert. Adjust the start and end date based on when the alert should be posted and removed from the Electronic Tenant® Portal.  Example:  Start Date:  5/22/14 12:00 AM (This way, recipients are notified a few days prior to the actual closing of the building for observing the holiday).  End Date:  5/26/14 11:59 PM (This tells the app to “remove” the alert from the Portal at 11:59 PM, at the end of the day of the observed holiday).
  3. Enter the subject of your alert. (Example: “Memorial Day Observed”)
  4. Enter the alert message. (Example: “The building will be closed on 5/26/14, in observance of Memorial Day. We will re-open at 8am, on 5/27/14.”)
  5. If you would like for the alert end date to show on the alert and be included in the email notification that goes out, select the box next to “Display the expiration date on alerts.”
  6. Lastly, if you would like to create email notifications or SMS Text messages to send to recipients regarding the building closure, select “Setup notifications after creating this alert.

Congratulations! Andwelcome to the start of an efficient New Year!

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