BOMA Global Tenant Survey: What You Need To Know

What Tenants WantA Global Office Tenant Survey, recently conducted by BOMA International, offers valuable insight for property owners, asset and property managers! Here are some take-aways we here at Electronic Tenant® Solutions (ETS) found most relevant:

Communication was the third highest item correlating to over all satisfaction, after “overall management” and “property quality.”  ETS’ communications apps – Contact Management, Email Notification, Instant Alert and Property Calendar facilitate highly professional day-to-day communication with the tenant population including the ability to advance property initiatives. Pre-programmed communications from automated building holiday announcements to sustanability or preparedness “campaigns” are made easy with Electronic Tenant® Solutions communications apps.

“Health and hygiene” is especially important according to the survey. This presents an easy way to move the satisfaction needle – communicate flu prevention tips, highlight hygiene attributes of the property like touch free rest rooms or locations of antibacterial dispensers.

Amenities: Tenants listed concierge services, health and hygiene programs, secure document disposal and carwashes as the most desirable amenities. Can you partner with local businesses to make these services and amenities available to your tenants? Use your Electronic Tenant® Portal and communications apps to raise awareness and use of such services / amenities?

Size Matters: Tenants in larger suites indicated higher satisfaction than tenants in smaller suites. Show the little guys some love – operations and communications applications give you the power to understand, support, service and communicate efficiently with smaller tenants. Set aside a day to spend time with your smaller tenants.

Leasing Decisions: Tenants identified cost, security, parking, available amenities and environmentally friendly practices as the most critical factors in determining whether to sign / re-sign a lease. Are these items in your property getting apt exposure to tenants and prospective tenants? An Electronic Tenant® Portal is a great hub to promote your security, parking,  amenities and sustainability practices. Communications apps can proactively engage tenants to ensure awareness of key decision making attributes.

So how can property managers use this information to their advantage?

It’s important to know what services and amenities, within your property, your tenants value most. It’s even more important to be able to effectively communicate and coordinate access to these services and amenities!

Being able to do so will help you best establish and position your property to attract, satisfy and retain tenants.

And Electronic Tenant® Solutions can help you accomplish all of this!

Our Services and Applications allow for an unequaled level of management-to-tenant contact and communication.  Contact us and learn how to:

  • Respond to tenant service requests faster.  Keep your tenants informed with automated response mechanisms and on-line status updates!
  • Facilitate and streamline leasing queries!
  • Alert tenants of desirable on-site amenities. Coordinate access to valuable off-site amenities!
  • Alert and educate your tenants about sustainability programs in place.
  • For tenants concerned with health and hygiene, use the Electronic Tenant® Portal and its Communication Applications to offer them Flu tips, locations of antibacterial dispensers, and the like!
  • Use our Mobile Applications to address issues that come with the increasing headcounts and space sharing!

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