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Electronic Tenant® Solutions is pleased to announce the release of Email Notification version 3.0 on April 29, 2013. The new release will be available to all existing Email Notification application subscribers and will deliver both improved usability and interface enhancements as well as many new features including:

-Streamlined Creation/Send/Edit Process
-Improved User Interface for Viewing, Saving and Storing Messages
-Schedule and Send E-Mails by Date & Time
-Multiple Property / Portfolio Messaging (including groups across multiple properties, i.e. Green Teams)
-Individual / Group Capability
-Formatting Toolbar (bold, underline, italics, bullets, alignment, colors, multiple fonts, etc.)
-Image / Table Insertion
-Multiple Attachments
-Standard & Customized Templates
-Signature Capabilities
-Improved / Expedited Addressing
-Enhanced Reporting
-Message Categorization
-Messaging Admin Calendar

Our Training Staff will be hosting a number of web-based overview sessions highlighting the updates and many new features included in version 3.0. Sessions will be available on the following dates and times:

Pre-Release Sessions

1. Tuesday, April 23rd – 1:00 ET / 10:00 PT
2. Wednesday, April 24th – 1:30 ET / 10:30 PT
3. Thursday, April 25th 4:00 ET / 1:00 PT

Post Launch Sessions

4. Monday, April 29th 10:30 AM ET / 7:30 PT
5. Monday, April 29th 2:00 ET / 11:00 PT
6. Tuesday, April 30th – 1:30 ET / 10:30 PT
7. Wednesday, May 1st – 1:30 ET / 10:30 PT
8. Thursday, May 2nd – 4:00 ET / 1:00 PT
9. Friday, May 3rd – 2:00 ET / 11:00 PT

To sign up for a session, please email or call Mike Holsey. Please specify which session you would like to attend.

Mike Holsey
Technical Support Line
202-342-7090 Ext 101

You will receive web access and dial-in instructions prior to your selected session.

We look forward to your participation

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