Tech Firms Influencing Downtown Market

In today’s economic landscape, the profile of potential office tenants is constantly changing. As a result, so too are the unique needs of these tenants.

One of the newest, and fastest growing segments in today’s market is that of the tech company.

David Phillips, of, expands on this topic in a recent article:

Nearly one quarter of all downtown office lease transactions for 2012 were for tech companies seeking a creative office environment, including high ceilings, daylight, open office space, and exposed mechanicals.

The sector is driving the next generation of office space design, according to a fourth-quarter office report by CBRE Inc., the city’s largest real estate brokerage, cited by the Portland Business Journal.”

At Electronic Tenant® Solutions, we strive to help you, the property manager, maintain the highest levels of occupancy by focusing on tenant attraction, tenant satisfaction and tenant retention.

Tech companies face some of today’s most advanced business challenges and, therefore, require some of the most advanced business solutions.

ETS’ applications enable property management to offer the latest services in order to attract, satisfy and retain important tenant segments such as these!

Our industry-leading applications include:

  • Instant Alert App – Post alert banners to your Electronic Tenant® Handbook which will be viewable by anyone who visits the site as well as send notifications via email and text to mobile devices.
  • Life-Safety Video Training & Testing App – System ensures, and documents, preparedness and understanding of procedures required in mitigating circumstances.
  • Email Notification App – Create, store and send emails to tenants that have been programmed into the Property Contact Management System.
  • Building Calendar –  Post one-time or recurring events, viewable by tenants on the Handbook with event details, contact information, website links as well as file attachments.
  • Building Directory – Customizable on-line property directory can provide detailed contact information for property tenants, approved vendors and other resources.
  • Certificate of Insurance Tracking App – Track COI expiration dates and compliancy, set up automatic expiration notices for Property Management and Tenants or Vendors.
  • Conference Room and/or Freight Elevator Reservation App – Simplify freight elevator, conference facility and use of other shared amenities through an easy to use on-line interface that allows tenants to check availability, submit a reservation, check the status of their reservation and manage other resources.
  • Preventative Maintenance App – Create a preventative maintenance schedule for equipment in the building and the system then automatically tracks and notifies when maintenance is due.
  • Property Survey – Allows management the capacity to quickly and inexpensively deploy surveys and questionnaires to individuals and groups associated with the property.
  • Service & Maintenance Request App – Interactive application allowing tenants to submit work orders through the Electronic Tenant® Handbook and Property Management processes and manages requests.
  • Mobile Property – Allows the ability to download the Electronic Tenant® Handbook to your Smartphone. Tenants can have all the information and features of your Electronic Tenant® Handbook wherever they go.

Business trends, like unique needs of these tech companies, are a strong indication of future markets. There is no doubting that office tenants, along with their correlating business needs, will continue to evolve and change.

Property managers with the ability to adapt to, and accommodate, these changes will be the ones that enjoy future success in their market!

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