NAREIT / Deloitte: REITs Using Technology and Sustainability to Retain Economic Momentum

Deloitte, a consulting firm based out of New York City, reports that REITs are using technology and sustainability to help retain their economic momentum as the economy struggles to recover. Technology can be a different way for companies to grow and expand, as traditional routes of growth might be hindered during periods of economic hardship.

Bob O’Brien, vice chairman and real estate sector leader for Deloitte, said that technology “provides an opportunity to grow their bottom lines, to drive cost out of the business and to optimize the revenue that they are earning.” According to Deloitte, REITs are using technology such as cloud computing, mobile applications, and social media, as well as sustainable practices to grow their business and better serve their customers.

Deloitte identified sustainability as another issue that will continue to gain significant traction within the real estate industry in 2013. O’Brien maintained that sustainable practices improve the bottom line and stock performance.

O’Brien continues, “One of the fascinating things in our report refers to a study that REITs with very well-executed green strategies outperformed other REITs.

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Read the full article – Click here.

Read the full report from Deloitte: Link

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