SRS Update v3.1: Release Notes

Service Request System Application Version 3.1

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Date of Release: August 18, 2012
Version 3.1 delivers both improved usability some interface enhancements as well as many new features highlighted below:

Service Request Application

• Added Service Request Description column to the Service Request List page.
• Added Service Request Type to all notification email subject lines.
• Added a preference to allow designees to receive all communication log correspondence.
• Rearranged Service Request List column order for better usability.
• Streamlined Communication log display.
• Added ability to attach a file when entering a service request through the ETS Maintenance Center.
• Added an “Unassigned” filter to be able to quickly identify any Service Requests that are not assigned to a designee.
• Adjusted the CC field when sending service request status updates to tenants to accommodate multiple email addresses.
• Streamlined service request printable version to a single page.
• Bulk Updates – Added the ability to update the status or assignment of more than one Service Request at a time.
• Alarms – Added the ability to customize the days and times of escalation alarm email delivery.
• Various bug fixes and usability improvements.

Billable Items

• Added SRS ID # to the billable item page for reference.
• Added materials unit cost & unit quantity to billable details on the Service Request details page.
• Added Service Request ID number to Add Billable Item Page.
• The ability to create billing statements by Tenant Company for a customized date range. PDF and Excel format available.
• Ability to create Invoices for billable Items.
• Various bug fixes and usability improvements.

Designee Management Application

• Added the ability to set notifications or assignments by designee.

Mobile Task Management Application

• Default view for service requests changed to newest to oldest.
• Service request status’s added for Approved, Pending and Duplicate.
• Added the ability to view attached files associated with a service request.
• Added “Share Note with Tenant” feature to Mobile Task Management.
• Various bug fixes and usability improvements.

3 Thoughts

  1. What a great update! Lots of new features!! Really like be able to manage specific service request assignments by desingee now!! Huge Time Saver!

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