Top 5 Reasons You Need Tech in Your Budget

Why Include Tech this Budget Season?

  • Technology is critical to key elements of tenant satisfaction and renewal intention – responsiveness, proactive communications, professionalism. (Kingsley Associates)
  • Technology improves operational efficiency.
  • Almost 60% of your colleagues plan to deploy mobile tools to enhance the tenant experience. (CBRE Corporate Occupier Study)
  • Leaders will continue to invest in tech, laggards will fall further behind.
    (BOMA CRE Tech Trends Report)
  • Including $0.03 to $0.05 per square foot in your budget will allow you to take advantage of technology and be sure your property is competitive with ever growing use of technology in CRE.

It is proven that building teams that are able to quickly acquire and exploit new technology will gain a competitive advantage in the market, and best to handle shifts in tenant demands.

Double exposure of woman's hands using laptop and mobile phone a
What are the keys to Succesful Technology Integration?

Keys to Success are Employing Providers Whose:

  • Platform is easy, scalable, and working on Day 1
  • Software/ Tools are turnkey, accessed on multiple platforms (mobile-ready)
  • Customer Service is available and accessible with short turn around times
  • Value Proposition is meaningful and provides immediate ROI

Utilizing comprehensive tech tools that incorporate usage data, reporting, and benchmarking that integrate into the budget mix provide owners and operators a comprehensive view of the overall health of a property – something that is key to budgeting and forecasting for future growth.

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