How ETS’ Apps Boost the Tenant Experience

ETS Apps – Empowering the Tech Savvy Tenant

Serving over half a billion square feet of commercial properties around the US – Electronic Tenant® Solutions provides the apps needed for Property Management to meet the rising on-demand expectations of the tech savvy tenants they serve.

“Technology is empowering an increasingly mobile workforce. It’s not just employees who are mobile — the makeup of workers in the U.S. (and beyond) is changing.” – The Huffington Post

Empowered Tenants Want Apps to Interact with the Workplace

The modern tenant’s reliance on mobile technology to manage their lives “from anywhere” has created demand for app technology at the workplace. These tenants are comprised of the new workforce, one that is more than willing to trade off private workspaces for public ones – a true paradigm shift.  One reason – being social!  Engagement has become key to satisfaction for these tenants – and the workplace is no exception.


Web-Based Tools Boost Engagement for Tenants and Staff

Engagement: For Tenants

There are multiple ways tenants can utilize their mobile devices within a property that help them communicate seamlessly with management. The ability for tenants to check a property portal from their mobile device gives them real-time access to important property information. They can also access a Tenant Center to log in and submit a service request on the fly. The tech-savvy tenant can then update their contact information or notification preferences seamlessly for property manager enabled communications – helping management better meet tenants’ growing and changing needs.  While tenants make use of these functionalities at a property, they feel heard, and in return, feel like an active participant in the shape of their workplace, making it a much more interactive experience.

At the 2016 BOMA Conference, last year, TIAA CREF’s Brad Simpkins said their organization was  “actively renovating existing buildings to create more of an open lobby experience where tenants can use mobile apps to communicate, socialize and work from everywhere.”  This is proven to enable management and tenants to build relationships, and create a more enjoyable work experience. 
Efficiency: For Engineers

Having property solutions that deliver preventative maintenance on the fly is paramount for the tech savvy engineer. It is equally important for them to readily access work order requests, respond to a task, and alert the completion of a task all within one app via mobile; this is key to operational efficiency. It not only allows the engineer quick and seamless task fulfillment, but it allows them to communicate clearly to those whose work experience at the property depends on them – including both tenants and management.


Efficiency, For Property Management Staff

Web-based property tools allow for on-demand services to be rendered, from notifications alerts, to enabling the ability to manage from anywhere in a property.  It affords management more time for important things like tenant face time, relationship building, and less time muddling through paperwork. In an extreme circumstance, targeted notifications allow for up-to-the-minute updates to all floor wardens and tenant groups for directions on how to stay safe in an emergency.

A Superlative Tenant Experience = Satisfaction = Retention = ROI  

  • Faster Communication: Apps inform tenants, management and engineers in REAL TIME
  • Efficiency in Operations: Single source eases administrative burden for management, reduces response time for engineers, and creates affinity for tenants.
  • Tenant Loyalty –  Enabling a seamless connection between property resources or amenities and tenants fosters loyalty not just to the property, but the property experience.

As tenants and property management spend increasingly more time utilizing mobile technologies within commercial buildings, savvy property professionals work to provide access to better, more reliable workplace solutions.  In CRE, those who adapt and respond to tenants’ changing demands, by investing in tools that boost the workplace experience at their properties, gain the competitive advantage.


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