Reservations App Makes Property Amenity Sharing EASY!

Electronic Tenant® Solutions has substantially enhanced its online reservations dashboard for conference room and shared amenities.  An easy-to-use online interface for both tenant and management for seamless scheduling, the updated app bolsters the on-demand experience while easing management’s administrative burden.

No doubt office amenities are a hot commodity. While the focus, in the wake of the Great Recession, has been on keeping costs down and delivering low bottom lines to tenants, that’s giving way to differentiation through quality, making the building brand essential currency in today’s marketplace.

Scheduling Shared Amenities Gets Easier with Improved Reservations App

Whether a property has shared conference rooms, freight elevators, roof deck, bowling lanes – amenity rich atmospheres that tenants can easily schedule is important to tenants; the ability to serve this demand is equally as important for management.  ETS’ enhanced Reservations App aims to satisfy both.  With a plethora of new features for tenants, the app allows for seamless scheduling of shared resources.

Check out the Key Features of the Reservations App Upgrade!

  • A Better Interface  – includes a robust search, sort, and filter, and bulk updating options for easy access throughout the application.


  • Customized Amenities  – AV equipment, set-up options, and catering can all be added to a reservation. Now, managers can customize time between reservations, future reservation limits and more.


  • Improved Communications – Custom email templates are available as the app generates reservation status updates, email confirmations, and event meeting reminders. Management can add and manage any shared resources, add attachments or files and utilize multiple reports for billable and non-billable reservations. The new communication log tracks it all, in one place.


  • Stress-Free Calendar – Built to be user-friendly, the intuitive user interface allows management to drag and drop reservations directly from the calendar- this keeps scheduling easy,  stress-free.  Also, the app can account for holiday and administrative closings.


  • Tenant Access!   Tenants can easily view room details, submit reservations, view request calendars, direct communication with management staff, and approve billable items electronically – all via the dedicated Tenant Center.
  • Maximized Spaces! – Now you can split one room, or amenity, into two to maximize the use of existing resources.
  • Billing – Improved!  – Upgraded billable format allows labor and material charges to be added to a reservation. Multiple reports available for billable and non-billable reservations. To learn more about these new features, check out the video…

A comprehensive amenity package can create premium value in a property – including the tools that support them.  See what’s behind the growing importance of shared amenities.  In fact, when upgrading office buildings, owners should expect to dedicate from 10 percent to more than 12 percent of their portfolios to amenity space, depending on the level of tenants they are looking to attract. Traditionally, only 3 percent of space is dedicated to amenities.

“Though a unique set of amenities is just one factor in an extremely complex market, investment in amenities can make the difference between a vibrant, productive property and one facing vacancies.”

– Karen Whitt, President, US Investor Services and RE Management Services – Colliers

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