New Year Resolutions

It’s a new year and Electronic Tenant® Solutions is here to help you deliver on your resolutions for panoramic property improvements. Drive tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention by:
  • Advancing sustainability 
  • Improving preparedness 
  • Lowering energy use / cost
  • Maximizing the value of 3rd party resources
  • Reducing operational expenses
  • Better Risk Management / Lower Liability 
  • More efficient / streamlined operations 
  • Driving amenity usage
  • Improving communications
  • Enhancing responsiveness 
  • More timely / thorough equipment maintenance 
  • Going mobile
  • Heightening tenant satisfaction 
Electronic Tenant® Solutions offers panoramic apps that can have a substantial effect on innumerable aspects of property life. 
Drop us a line and let us know what your 2015 property improvement goals and objectives are. We can help. 


Electronic Tenant® Portal 
Contact Management App
E-Mail Notification App
Instant Alert App
Calendar App
Mobile Property (smartphone)


Service & Maintenance Request App
Preventative Maintenance App

Risk Management

Certificate of Insurance Tracking App
Video Life-Safety Training & Testing App

Leasing & Marketing 

Electronic Leasing Portal
Leasing / Space Available

Purposeful App Packages

Leased Property 
Prepared Property 
Contact us today – 202.342.7090 or 

Happy new year!!!

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