Ian’s Apps: All-In Yoga

I started doing yoga years ago. My initial motivation was stretching a sore back from a golf injury (yes, golf injury…). I came to find the physical benefits were substantial – increased flexibility, better core strength and muscle tone, improved cardio and circulatory health, better balance and athletic performance, just to name a few. As I continued to practice even greater benefits emerged – I slept better, managed stress more effectively; I became more in tune with both my physical and mental well-being. 
I am not one for gyms or yoga classes. 
Today I do yoga several days a week, ranging from a 15 minute morning stretch to more vigorous programs – all of them with the guidance of All-In Yoga app. 
The app has over 300 poses and breathing exercises. It works on both iPhone and iPad. The app has great HD instructional videos and 3D images for the yoga nascent and multiple pre-installed programs of varying skill levels, fitness focus and general health / well-being. You can also create custom programs. 
It’s a great app that will get your new year off to the right start from a mental and physical well-being perspective. 

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