September is Preparedness Month

Throughout the month of September, property managers across the country will be engaging in activities to promote emergency preparedness. More than 3,000 organizations, consisting of national, regional, and local public and private organizations, will be supporting emergency preparedness efforts and encouraging everyone to take action.

How will your property take part in this important initiative?
Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ clients, with either an Electronic Tenant® Portal or our Instant Alert Application, already possess several, valuable tools to help streamline tenant participation and produce measurable, meaningful results!

Click here to learn how you can use the Electronic Tenant® Portal and the Instant Alert Application to establish and coordinate your property’s own preparedness campaign!

Are you interested in increasing tenant participation in campaigns such as this? We have your solution; PREPARED PROPERTY!
Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ Prepared Property package combines emergency preparedness content and web-based application functionality to pro-actively engage and prepare tenants for any extenuating circumstance. The package also equips property management with several tools to effectively communicate with tenants and provide them with the necessary resources during an emergency situation.

Prepared Property offers property managers a turn-key solution for educating their tenants on the policies and procedures associated with bomb threats, civil disturbances, elevator malfunction, medical emergency, severe weather, toxic hazards, earthquake, power failure, evacuation, shelter in place and fire-life safety preparedness.

Prepared Property’s unmatched emergency notification capabilities, which utilize multiple channels of communication including desktop web portal, mobile web portal, e-mail, text-messaging and SMS, enhance communication in emergency situations and provide unlimited access to important emergency procedures.

Here’s a breakdown of the advantages Prepared Property offers its users:

BEFORE: Promote awareness and encourage tenant education by providing them with easy access to the following information and tools:

  • Preparedness Web Portal
  • Policies / Procedures
  • Video Training & Testing
  • Automatic Pro-Active Communications
  • E-mail / SMS / Text
  • Opt-In Participation
  • Suggestions & Tips
  • Checklists
  • Reminders
  • Action Items

DURING: Streamline communication and disseminate required emergency procedures by utilizing all available resources:

  • Notification
  • E-mail / Text / SMS
  • Mobile Device Emergency Procedure Library

You can learn more about our Prepared Property package by visiting our website.

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