Tip of the Week: Maintenance Center

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve your experience with Electronic Tenant® Solutions and related applications, our dedicated Customer Service Department has more valuable insight to offer you, in the form of their ‘Customer Service Tip of the Week’:

Are you having trouble logging into the Maintenance Center?

Try taking the following action on your computer:

  • Open your Internet browser
  • Select Tools from your toolbar menu
  • Select Internet Options
  • Under the Temporary Internet Options, select Settings
  • Under ‘Check for versions of stored pages,’ change the setting to ‘Every Visit to the Page’
  • Select ‘Delete Temporary Internet Files’ (this will delete browsing history, etc.)

Other helpful hints:

Make sure to type in the Maintenance Center web address (www.tenanthandbooks.com/maintenance) rather than using a Favorites or Bookmark to access the site.

Logging in and logging out of the Maintenance Center each day will help to avoid issues like this in the future!

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