App Technology Helps Communicate Flu Prevention Strategy

Email and Instant Alert, Building Calendar Tools to Educate and Prepare Tenants, Safeguard Property

Flu season in the United States can begin as early as October and last as late as May, where we can expect to see an increase in the number of respiratory infections in our workplaces, including influenza, throat infections, and other common illnesses.  Combine this with the trend in shared workspaces, as well as the increase in workplace density, and get the perfect storm for the spread of flu.

According to the CDC, “In the US, the annual direct costs (hospitalization, doctors’ office visits, medications, etc.) of influenza are estimated at $4.6 billion.”
– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Commercial property management teams are well aware of the effects of illness on their workplace – however harnessing existing health resources, and proactively communicating to tenants using existing property communication tools, like email and instant alerts, can quickly and effectively disseminate important health and hygiene initiatives, as well as flu resources, to tenants, helping to prevent illness before it starts, and creating a healthier work environment during the flu season.

Here are some protective actions managers can use to create a prevention strategy for their property. 

  • Host flu shot clinic and education seminar in your lobby.
  • Create a recurring email to all tenants reminding them each year
    of the details of the clinic.
  • Include a sign up sheet, add it to your building calendar as recurring event.
  • Encourage proper hand and respiratory hygiene practices.  Send an email update with steps tenants can take with their own employees for health and hygiene this winter.
  • Create an alert on your property portal with reminders about washing hands often, include map of restroom locations.
  • Educate tenants on flu symptoms and care.

“Up to 111 million workdays are lost because of influenza at an estimated $9 billion/year in lost productivity.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


What Else Can I Do?

An annual flu vaccine is the BEST way to reduce the chances that you will get seasonal flu and spread it to others. Additionally, check out our 10 tips to help keep you and your tenants safe this cold and flu season.

Check out what’s new from the CDC for this flu season.

Use Electronic Tenant® Solutions’ Instant Alert and Email Notification apps to prepare tenants for flu season, and score satisfaction points. Read more about how health and hygiene play a key role in maintaining tenant satisfaction in BOMA’s Global Office Tenant Survey.

Want to know more about electronic tenant portals, or communication apps to help you propel your flu prevention strategy? Check out our website for more details or to get a quote on any apps you don’t have but might need.

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